Gazing at the Moon in Wonder

gazing at the moon in wonder.jpg

"Good evening it's the mooon!"

We are continuing to dig deeper into our interest in space, and the moon in particular. ‎Today we made moons (sorta). :D The way the children have expressed interest in some sensory "pre-writing work" on the light cube gave me an idea for some more fine motor work with this project as well. Squeezing the glue/paint mixture and then using sticks to "draw" in it. And I think they turned out quite majestic! I can't wait until they dry and I can hang them. 

As I reflect back onto our over-arching inquiry (what does it mean to be human) in the context of building our community, I think this interest in something so much a part of our existence, yet distant and unfamiliar‎, is a safe place to explore for them. Exploration, gaining understanding of things about life and who we are in it, is everything to children, but wow! I bet it is overwhelming. So, why not start in the outer reaches of our experience like space? Also, the moon is just super intriguing! 

I hope you take a moment over the coming weeks for some moon gazing with your child. Don't have answers ready, just experience it through their eyes. I'd love to hear how it goes!

-Ms. Amy