Bones Bones Bones!

“I didn’t know rabbits had bones!”

“I didn’t know rabbits had bones!”

For the past two weeks in the Summit room we have been exploring bones. It all started with the ritual of Halloween! The children were sooo excited about Halloween they were telling me weeks in advance what they were going to be!

We read Skelly’s Halloween by David Martin. It’s about a skeleton who takes a tumble that leaves him in pieces. All the different critters try to put him back together again but it just wasn’t him! Until a girl dressed like a skeleton said, “We can make you look like me!” And that’s exactly what they did!

After reading the story, the children enjoyed the loose parts Q-tip skeleton provocation. Their skeletons were quite unique! They now call our skeleton Skelly!

We have also read Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler and Our Bones by Charlotte Guillain. This led to discussions about:

What do bones look like?

What do bones do?

How do we keep our bones healthy?

We felt some of our bones and could see the shape of some of our bones! The children looked at x-rays of animal bones on the light table. On Friday our friend Bryn brought in x-rays of her brother’s leg. That was really cool! Thanks for sharing!

I wish you all a joyous thanksgiving with your family and friends! See you all in a week!

-Ms. Barb