Pre-Thanksgiving Snow Play

Snow Toddlers.png

This week was all about more sensory activities as well as the children’s own continued self exploration.

The children took it upon themselves to mimic one another by scooting across the floor on their bottoms and playing follow the leader by going up and down the steps in turn, one at a time (which doesn’t happen often because they are all so excited to go!)

We were able to suit up and get outside to enjoy the snow earlier this week. Outside time is always welcomed by the children- no matter whether only 5 minutes or much more.

The children were able to make and decorate their handprint turkeys using glue- which confused them. Sticky fingers made for lots of raised eyebrows. It doesn’t make sense! Why is it still on my finger?!

We will miss them next week and hope you all have a splendid week away and a more wonderful Thanksgiving Day. See you all again on Monday!

-Ms. Shanla and Ms. Margita