Fall Festival Preparations

Fall festival preparations.png

It has been a busy and exciting week up in the Summit room. We made bread and shook heavy cream in a jar and turned it into butter. We practiced and listened to the songs for the fall Festival. I can see the children's excitement as they explore new materials and their new space! Talking about our new space… I asked the children what they would like to see in their new room? It was unanimous, they all wanted more room for dancing! We will have to do a little shuffling of furniture to make that happen. Then we started talking about the rug that we don't have yet, which led to choosing what color we would like!

The children said:

"I think it should be red!"




It's still up in the air! More on this later! We now have two curtains for the door entrance. The curtains now form a V in the middle of the doorway, making it easier for our taller parents. One child said, "my dad is tall!" They are all super excited about designing our loft area into a quiet and relaxing space. This is a work in progress.

The children like playing the musical hand bells. We have just started using this new instrument. There are a few rules and directions they have to follow when using them. Like not to touch the bell, when I point to them, they ring their bell and when I am not pointing at them they stop ringing their bell. They like it when I point to them really really fast! They giggle and think it is hilarious! It's all fun and games to them, but what they are working on is critical learning skills. They are learning to self-regulate, sustain attention and follow directions, which are very important skills to develop. On a side note, if anyone has access to some color coded hand bell sheet music, it would be greatly appreciated!

We are also exploring pattern blocks. We are hearing new words like hexagon, trapezoid and rhombus. They are enjoying making designs with them, as well as making 3D structures!

We have been reading a lot of books about Fall. My favorite is Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. We have been looking at leaves and talking about how they are the same and how the are different. Some of the children noticed the lines in the leaves. We are going to explore that further. If your child would like to bring in leaves, that would be awesome!

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Fall Festival!

-Ms. Barb