Who We Are At Plum Hill Preschool: Why Choose Plum Hill? We'll Tell You Why!

Our Philosophy

At Plum Hill, we seek to provide your little ones with a nurturing and supportive environment. Our staff and programs honor childhood and engage with children as active facilitators of their own learning. We seek to instill a lifelong sense of wonder and curiosity in your child and are well-equipped to create a space for playful exploration of and interaction with the world that surrounds them. We understand that your child is a person, not just a name and a number in the classroom.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Plum Hill is a Reggio Emilia and Waldorf-inspired preschool; that means that we channel a heavy focus into supporting healthy interactions and relationship building at school. We don't just want to teach your child how to do things; we want to teach your child how to learn to do things.

  • We recognize and value that all children are strong and intelligent little humans who are deserving of the same respect and dignity as adults. Providing them with opportunities to engage with the people and the world around them without judgment or a heavy hand allows their innate sense of wonder to guide their learning. We know that children desire to learn; and we do everything in our power to let them be at the forefront of that process.

  • Our curriculum is child-led and ensures that your child receives an individualized, developmentally-appropriate learning experience while he or she is with us. Teachers develop curriculums through speaking with students and learning more about their questions and interests; learning comes into play through open-ended questions, sensory exploration, and child-led activities and projects.

  • Our teachers are all extremely qualified, experienced and continuously trained to better themselves and their skills. We believe the energy of the environment starts with our staff, so we look at them as more than just teachers or instructors. They are mentors. They learn with your child and serve as role-models for appropriate behavior. We believe that teachers should act as scaffolds that allow children to climb and do the work that they want to do. Our staff is dedicated to recognizing their roles in your child's life-- as teachers, co-learners, resources, and role-models. This is, certainly, a different direction to take than the classic teacher-directs-all approach to education.

  • Plum Hill Preschool believes in offering children a nurturing, comforting environment that's beautiful, home-like and allows for connections with nature. We have seen the immense benefits of mixed-age classrooms that more closely mirror the average family or group societal setting. Research has indicated that this methodology gives children a level of intellectual stimulation that's incredibly beneficial to them as they move through this crucial stage of development.

Our Programs

We offer a host of programs tailored to suit your child and your family's needs.

Preschool Program

Choose between a two, three, or five day schedule

Ages 2.5 and over

8:30 am through 3:30 pm

All preschool programs offer parents the option to add on a Summer program

Toddler Program

Select a two, three, or five day schedule

Ages 1-3 years

8:30 am through 3:30 pm

Optional Summer program available

Before School Care

Two, three, and five day programs

7:30 to 8:30 am

Summer program available for those in need

After School Care

Two, three, or five day program

3:00 pm through 5:30 pm

Option to add Summer program available

At Plum Hill, it's your child's development first. Without rigid classroom structures and domineering teachers, children are able to develop and flourish naturally as they begin exploring the world around them and interacting with others. Our diverse environment paves the way for your child to learn about a host of different viewpoints and ways of life; and the research shows that your child will be better for it. The child-driven education we offer allows families the incredible opportunity to watch their children blossom into individuals-- not into members of the classroom pack.

Plum Hill Preschool welcomes your exploration and questions | Contact us at 303.537.5449 for more information or visit our website www.PlumHillPreschool.com to schedule a tour. We'd be happy to share more with you about our approach and discuss all our school can offer as a resource to your family.